2018 PreSeason Info
Weight Program                                                                      

Vital to the success of our program.  If you are not doing a fall sport, you are encouraged to be in weight room.  If you do a fall sport and your coach gives you permission to be in weight room, you are encouraged to do so.  The same goes for the winter sports.  In the season everyone will lift weights, but the real work needs to be done now.


Pre-Season Nov. 27th   

(If you are competing in another sport you will not participate in Pre- Season, with the exception of weights if allowed)

                  Weights M&F  7:00 am, 

                  T&T 6:45am                                                                                                                                                                        

                  Track MWF 3:15

                  Hills (vary per week, at least one Saturday in SF for Varsity Athletes)

                  CAL All Comers for some athletes


                   Parent Meeting 6:00 pm Thursday, January 11th in Weight Room

2018 Season Starts February 5, 2018

3:15-5:30pm on the track

  • Practice is required by all athletes M-F and some Sat.                   


  • All certification forms have to be turned into Randy Takahashi (A.D.) room 207

       prior to start date.  No athlete will be allowed to participate until these forms

       are turned in and a yellow slip is given to you take to Coach Crain

  • All athletes will participate in 4 league meets, Blue & White Scrimmage and 2 or 3 invitational meets.


  • Qualifying athletes will go on to participate in league championship meets.