Alumni Who Competed in College 









Acalanes track & field athletes who have gone on to compete in college.

Amy Hollswadner

Taiki Chiba

Athlete:     College      (Event)

Tim Green:  UC Berkeley (Sprints)

Joey Thomas:  UC Berkeley (Middle Distance)

Nate Beach:  UC Berkeley (Distance)

Ethan Mark:  UC Berkeley (Distance)

Joey Anderson:  Claremont McKenna  (Hurdles, Jumps)  

Dave Maggard:  UC Berkeley  (Weights)

Darrin Maggard:  Washington State  (Weights)

Don Kephart:  Dartmouth  (Weights)

Andrew Kephart:  Colgate  (Pole Vault)

Brent Burns**:  UC Berkeley  (Pole Vault)

Joy Upshaw:  Cal State Hayward  (Sprints, Hurdles)

Grace Upshaw*:  UC Berkeley  (Jumps)

Mo Huber:  University of Washington  (Distance)

Sally Meinbress:  UC Berkeley  (Hurdles, Jumps)

Katie Bruzzone:  UC Berkley  (Sprints, Javelin)

Jesse Weiner:  Colorado State  (Middle Distance)

Tyler Malley:  Diablo Valley College  (Jumps)

Peter Schaffer:  UC Berkeley  (Weights)

Paul Rosati:  UC Berkeley  (Weights)

Pauly Cruickshank:  Grambling  (Hurdles, Jumps)

Sally Lewerenz:  Stanford  (Distance)

Harlan Lopez:  Northern Arizona  (Distance)

Emily Shearer:  Cornell University  (Distance)

Nathan Falk:  Claremont McKenna  (Pole Vault)

Toshi Kelloge:  UC Davis  (Distance)

Joe Escobar:  UC Davis  (Sprints)

Katie Berge:  San Diego State  (Middle Distance

Katie Barton:  Pamona College (Hurdles, Sprints)

Joe Dreyer:  Sacramento State (Pole Vault)

Annie Marggraff:  Washington University St. Louis (Distance)

Amy Hollshwadner:  Claremont McKenna  (Middle Distance)

Kelly Collins:  Westchester  (Distance)

Adler Faulkner:  Cornell University  (Middle Distance)

Michael Wang:  Cornell University  (Middle Distance)

Alex Hennies:  UC Santa Barbara  (Sprints)

Matt Thomas:  Sacramento State  (Throws)

Brianna Wilkerson:  University of Redlands  (Throws)

Taiki Chiba:  UC Berkeley  (Hurdles)

Nick Comly:  Cornell University  (Sprints)

Imani Boggan:  Bates College  (Middle Distance)

Julia Lyons:  Boston College  (Jumps, Sprints)

Windy Margerum:  UC Berkeley  (Hurdles, Jumps)

Arianna "Muppy" Gragg:  Dartmouth College  (Combined Events)

Ryan Nall:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (Throws)

Carson Etnyre:  Bucknell College  (Sprints)

Since 2013 










  *    Olympian - Long Jump
  **   State Meet Record Holder, Second all time national leader pole vault



Coach                   Years

Charlie Eaton            1939-1965

Bob Warren               1966-1985

Dan Brown                1986-1987

Rich Klier                   1988-1990

Scott Brady-Smith    1987-1990

Manny Myers             1991-2000  2008-2013

Darrin Neutz              1991-1996  2003-2007

Shannon Rogers        2000-2002

Rickey Bradley           2000-2002

John Crain                  2008-Present

Tad Beach                   2009-2013

Joy Upshaw                2013-Present

Nate Beach                 2011-2016
Bob Olsen                   2011-Present

Chris Clark                  2007-Present
John Burns                 2013-Present

Joe Escobar                2016-Present

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