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When does track start?

First practice will be February 5th, 2024.  All participants must have their Athletic Clearance forms completed prior to the first day of practice ( All forms, uploads and approvals are managed through Sportsnet.


Practices are 5 days a week, rain or shine, 3:30 to approximately 5:00.


How do I sign up for track?

Follow these steps to sign up your child for Acalanes Track & Field. 


1. You must have Athletic Clearance prior to the first day of practice (see above) which includes a medical clearance.

2. Pay Participation Donation

3. Sign up to receive information

Make sure you are receiving communication from the team.  Sign up for Remind (see Home Page), Teamsnap and follow the team on instagram @acalanestf


What does the Participation Donation cover?

Your donation helps to cover our equipment purchases, coaching stipends, facility use fees, meet entry fees, bus transportation to league meets other things related directly to our team.
Your full participation is critical in ensuring the health and success of the current and future Acalanes Track and Field program, so please do your part!  We strive for 100% participation in our athletic donation.


How do I get a uniform?

Uniform jerseys may be purchased through the separate track store  You own your uniform and you may use it for all 4years (and also in cross country, if you do that as well!)

I have a cross country uniform, or a uniform from last year. Can I use it?


If I play a winter sport and our season goes into the start of the track season, can I join the track team when my winter season has concluded?

Absolutely. We encourage our athletes to play other sports at Acalanes. Chances are you'll come to the track in condition and ready to run, throw and jump!


What do I need to bring to each practice?
  • Water bottle

  • Running shoes (Free motion/Nike Air type shoes are NOT recommended).

  • Spikes (sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers)

  • Sweat pants, sweat shirt - it is important to stay warm before, during and after a workout.

  • Backpack

  • Athletes should eat a snack such as a protein bar before practice.


Will I attend every meet?  How will I know which events and meets I am scheduled for?

There are 4 types of meets:

  1. Scrimmage - everyone participates

  2. Invitational Meets and Relays - sometimes participants must qualify by time or distance. Scrimmages, Relays and Invitationals do not count for league standing. These are usually on Saturdays. Usually only a handful of Varsity athletes go to the "premier meets" such as the Stanford or Arcadia invitationals.

  3. League Meets - everyone participates. Our Diablo Athletic League (DAL) includes 6 schools: Northgate, Las Lomas, Campolindo, Miramonte, Clayton Valley and Acalanes.

  4. League Championships - there will be DAL League Championship Trials and Finals held at Campolindo in early May. Qualifying Frosh/Soph and Varsity team members will participate. Top finishers from the League Championships move on to participate in the North Coast Section (NCS) Tri Valley League Championships. Then to NCS Meet of Champions culminating in the CIF State Meet in Clovis.


All athletes will participate in the 5 League Meets and some Invitational meets. A couple of days before each meet, the coaches will generally meet with individuals to discuss and decide on which events the athlete will compete in at that meet. We encourage everyone -- especially Freshmen and new track athletes --  to try a variety of events. 

The DAL Championships for Frosh/Soph, Varsity, the NCS Tri-Valley Championships as well as the NCS Meet of Champions and State Championship all require qualification. 


How do I get to and from the meets?

For the away league meets, athletes will get early dismissal (usually 2:15pm). The bus will leave Acalanes around 2:40 PM to travel to the meets. Under no circumstances may a student drive him or herself to or from a meet. To save money, there will be no returning bus from the meets. Students will return to school via carpool or with their parents. Parents are responsible to drive athletes to most of the championship meets, weekend meets, invitational meets and scrimmages.  In order to drive any student other than your own home from a meet you must complete the linked form and send in required information › VolunteerAutoUse and email to Nicole Singleterry at From:Nicole Singleterry<>


What are the team Fundraisers?

The school district does not provide money for athletic expenses and all support must come from parents and the community. Acalanes Track program is funded by the participation donation and fundraisers:​​

  1. Booster Raffle Tickets - each athlete is required to sell 5 Booster Raffle Tickets at $10/each. 50% of the money raised will be distributed back to the track team, the other half goes to the Boosters general fund. Parents are invited to attend the Boosters Bash and are asked to consider donating goods and services to auction at the event.

  2. Our Warren-Eaton Relay is a 50+ year tradition that generates revenue for the team. Every family must help at the meet - measuring jumps or working in the snack shack, for instance. 

  3. Other team fundraisers that occur from time-to-time


What are the parent volunteer requirements?

Parents of track athletes are required to volunteer a few times during the season at home League Meets and the Warren-Eaton Relay. Many different shifts are available and it's super fun to be out on the field working alongside the athletes. Lastly, the pasta feeds and Awards Banquet require help with preparing and serving food and decorating, taking photographs and assembling a slide slow. 


Where can I find my time or the meet results? provides marks, league and national standings and personal records (PR's) from nearly all meets.


More questions?  Contact Head Coaches Joe and Bruno

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